A Raccoon in Sheep’s Clothing

Book Cover

"A Raccoon in Sheep's Clothing" by Donna Bisschop

“I don’t know if you’ve ever met a raccoon before. I mean, a real raccoon.

When you look into a raccoon’s face – into its eyes and soul – you don’t trust them. It’s a fact. There is a whole lot of depth in those eyes and you say to yourself, ‘There is mischief here!’ And the raccoon does nothing to dissuade you or to disagree. The raccoon honors you with the straightest look that ever was, with ‘amused but bored’ flashing like a neon sign.

It points that little black nose in your direction with a sniff, (which could be disdain – it’s always hard to tell with raccoons), and it grins a foolish grin.

You could say a raccoon is a fool. Only a fool will trust a raccoon. Maybe it takes one to know one.” ~ A Raccoon in Sheep’s Clothing

$25.00 Cdn includes taxes and shipping.


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