I love to think.

Whether it’s writing, or fabrication of a leather piece, painting or conversing with a friend, it’s all about being real, having fun and letting the creative, intuitive juices flow with thought.
With my new business as Visual Practitioner, the combination of writing and visual creates interesting and informative story boards, for groups or individuals.

Raised in the States and moving to Canada over 30 years ago…ending up in Haliburton, Ontario for 13 years – and then my recent move to Lindsay and now to Fenelon Falls…it is a long, exciting and convoluted story…

Some of the projects I’m most proud to have done are:

– “Being” – twelve paintings and prose on the evolution of earth

– S.N.A.P. programs books and board games (Special Needs Abuse Prevention)

– “Back to the Garden…prayers for all Being”  – painting donated after Sept. 11th

– “Spirit of Kiid K’yaas” – painting which was gifted to the Haida Nation on Haida Gwaii as a tribute to The Golden Spruce. This painting is also featured in the movie, “The Green Chain.”

– “Abigail McChuff and the Mountain Turtle” – published in 1979 (barely), children’s book on dealing with death

– “A Raccoon in Sheep’s Clothing” – novel released Nov. 2011 – whoopie!!

– “Life Along the River” – a wood-burned timber frame collaborative project with my son, Josh Vlaming.

– “Kachina Skunk Emerging” – sequel (as yet incomplete) to “A Raccoon in Sheep’s Clothing”

I also love to be outside, in Nature and the elements, so if you try to get in touch…be patient…we don’t ALL spend hours a day in cyber space.

Thanks for checking out my site!  Megwetch! Have a great day!


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